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FHP10 series 10W high-temperature DC-DC power converters are specially designed for electronic equipment working in the harsh environment. We upgraded FHP10 series changing the former output common ground to isolation ground with two outputs. FHP10 ser
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Name:FHP10 Series
Category:High temperature DC/DC power supply
Output power:0.3~10W
Output modes:Single,Dual,Triple
Output voltage:3.3V,5V,7V,9V,12V,15V,18V,24V,36V,48V
Input voltage:10~30V,16~48V,24~72V,36~108V,70~210V,120~360V
Mechanical dimension:L:38.0×W:22.0×H:9.0MM
Reliable level:FH
Product Manual: (Please use PDF tool for browsing)
:Working temperature: Ambient temperature:-55℃~+175℃, max. 
shell temperature up to +185℃ 
:Output power: 10W 
:Dimension: L:38.0×W:22.0×H:9.0MM 
:Multiple outputs up to 3 and at most 2 isolated output ground 
:Output ripple: Maximum 100mV, typical 30mV 
:Conversion efficiency: Typical 80% 
:Input range: 10~30V, 16~48V,24~72V, 36~108V , 70~210V, 120~
:Integrated LC EMI filter 
: Sealed metal casting: Impact and moist resistance and 
electromagnetic radiation protection 
:Provide rated power without deduction at 175℃ (shell); provide 
80% rated power at 185℃ (shell) and 50% rated power at 204℃ (shell) 
:Isolation voltage between input and output: 1000V, isolation voltage between outputs: 500V 
:Overvoltage and overcurrent fault cutoff delay restart 
:Input undervoltage and overvoltage cutoff protection 
:100ms soft start function 
:Over-heat protection at 210℃

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