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    Established in 2002, Xi’an VAW Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sale of high-performance electronic products. The company has an excellent R&D team and a group of experienced technicians in operation, which provides VAW Electronics with strong capability in technical research and development and rich experience in product development.
    With unremitting efforts in research over the past years, VAW Electronics has successfully developed a series of high-performance electronic products including high-voltage power supply converters (oil exploration, sonic wave and supersonic wave), high-temperature power supply converter (DC-DC and AC-DC converters which can be freely combined within the range of specified output channels), signal processing module, capacitor with wide range of working temperatures, filter and other oil well logging instrument power supply products. Our products have been widely used in the field, geologic survey, physical prospection and oil exploration for high quality and good cost performance.
   Xi’an VAW Electronics Co., Ltd. is engaged in providing solutions for petroleum survey logging tool, petroleum drilling instrument, geophysical detecting instrument, vehicles, telecommunication, network infrastructures, enterprise and high-performance calculation, and providing high-efficient and complete product combinations to effectively manage entire power conversion process from wall socket, battery and generator to single load working in the harsh environment. 

    We have possessed the capability of realizing the latest power conversion technology such as zero transition PWM technology, soft switch DC/DC technology and synchronous rectification in the harsh environment and designed a series of high-performance power components with wide range of operating temperature of -55℃~+150℃, -55℃~+175℃, -55℃~+200℃ and -65℃~+250℃. With the purchase of universal high-performance components with wide range of operating temperature, we presently are able to provide a variety of power modules for special electric equipment and general civil class electric equipment operating in harsh environment. The products we provide include AC/DC power module, DC/DC power module, high-voltage power module, high-temperature AC/DC power module, high-temperature DC/DC power module and high-temperature and high-voltage power module. The output power of single power module ranges from 0.1W to 100W. The power density of high-temperature and high-performance power modules is up to 3W/cm3 with conversion efficiency up to 90%. The power density of civil and industrial power modules is up to 20W/cm3 with conversion efficiency up to 95%. 

Thanks to the realization of features resistant to high temperature, our products’ service life is much longer than that of general products in the condition of same size, output and environment. When the general power module fails to normally work in harsh environment, our power modules can continue to work in a steady state. In the condition of realizing same working function, in order to make power module reach the same performance and service life, the size of our products and their coolers are one-third of that of general products and their coolers.

The harsh environment mentioned includes the follows: 

1)        Range of operating temperature: -55℃ to +225℃ (shell) -55℃ to +200℃ (environment);

2)        Thermal shock: times of shock: 15 (Temperature: -55℃ to +175℃, testing time: 30s);

3)        Temperature cycling: times of cycling: 200 (temperature variation: -55℃ to +85℃, testing time: 40min, status holding time: 20min);

4)        Relative humidity: 88% and 93%, relative humidity cycling 1: 240 hours and 56 days;

5)        Air containing salt: time of duration: 48hours;

6)        Vibration: cycling per shaft: 10 times, frequency: 10-60Hz/60Hz-2KHz, amplification/rate: 0.7mm/10g;

7)        Impact: spiking rate: 100g, duration: 6ms

   VAW Electronics will continue to develop the domestic and overseas market with advanced and unique product and technology, high reliability and performance and perfect after-sale services. The people of VAW Electronics will actively take part in the global competition. Up to now, VAW Electronics has established business relations with many enterprises such as Sinopec, China National Offshore Oil Corp., BITSWAVE INC, and HOTWELL GES.M.B.H.

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