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In order to make you rest assured that the use of the power module, we sold our commitment: products sold since the date of two years, all because of the quality of the product itself, the power supply module I will be free for you to replace the same type and specification; such as for the quality problems after two years, our company will provide free maintenance. Product quality problems, from the receipt of the notification within 24 hours to respond, do not solve the problem does not stop the service work. According to the user's needs, to help the user to select the right product quality tracking, access to key users.

If you have any questions about the quality of the product or the quality of the product, please call our 029-88276122, we will be ready to provide you with free technical support and other consulting services.

If you feel that the company's service attitude is poor or not fulfill the obligations stipulated in the contract, please call our company, we will be given within one hour after the sale of complaints handling reply.

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