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The FH10 series 10W high-temperature DC-DC power module, designed for the electronic equipments working in the harsh environment, can work for 2,000 hours at shell temperature 150 ℃, for 750 hours at shell temperature 175 ℃ and for 400 hours at shell temp
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Name:FH10 Series
Category:High temperature DC/DC power supply
Output power:0.3~10W
Output modes:Single,Dual,Triple
Output voltage:3.3V,5V,7V,9V,12V,15V,18V,24V,36V,48V
Input voltage:10~30V,16~48V,24~72V,36~108V,70~210V,120~360V
Mechanical dimension:L:38.0×W:22.0×H:8.5MM
Reliable level:FH
Product Manual: (Please use PDF tool for browsing)
:High operating temperature (ambient temperature:-55℃~+175℃ and max. shell temperature: +185℃) 
:Small size (1: L:38.0×W:22.0×H:8.5MM ) 
:High conversion efficiency (typical 80﹪) 
: Sealed metal casting (impact and moist resistance and 
electromagnetic radiation protection) 
:Wide input range(10~30V, 16~48V, 24~72V, 36~108V ,70~210V, 
:Multi-output modes (up to three modes: 3.3V, 5V, ±5V, ±9V, ±12V 
and ±15) 
:High operating frequency(300KHZ) 
:Integrated LC EMI filter 
:Provide rated power without deduction at 175℃ (shell);provide50% 
rated power at 204℃ (shell) 
:Over-voltage and over-current failure switch-off delay restart 
: Input under-voltage and overvoltage turn-off protection 
: 100MS soft-start function 
:Over-heat protection at 210℃

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