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specially designed for oil prospecting acoustic logging tool working in the harsh environment, is only L38.0×W22.0×H8.5mm in size and saves space for acoustic logging tool. Simply designed, the power-supply modules static working current is only 30mA and load conversion efficiency up to 80%. It is resistant to high temperature, shock and moisture when working in harsh environment, thus it is able to normally work at an ambient temperature of 175. Shock resistance frequency: 20-50Hz/50Hz-2KHz and amplitude/rate: 0.5mm/10g. Shock resistance reaches three times per amplitude. Spike rate: 100g and duration: 6ms

Related Information
  • Name:FUP 10 Series
    Category:SLT high-voltage power supply
    Types:High voltage power supply
    Output voltage:100~200V,0~±200V
    Input voltage:12V
    Operating temperatur:0℃~+50℃,-20℃~+85℃,-55℃~+125℃,-55℃~+150℃,-55℃~+175℃
    Mechanical dimension:L:38.0×W:22.0×H:8.5MM
    Output polarity:isolation

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