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Let us hand in hand to rebuild the hope

Source:VAWELEC 2015-05-19

    A major earthquake measuring 8.0 Richter Scale jolted Wenchuan County of Southwest China’s Sichuan province at 2:28 p.m. on May 12nd, 2008, in which countless houses were destroyed, countless people were dead, countless schoolhouses collapsed and numberless students were unable to continue their studies.

    The earthquake also brought tremendous damage to part of counties of Hanzhong and Baoji cities of Shaanxi province. Particularly, the most of schoolhouses in Ningqiang and Lueyang counties collapsed, which made a large number of students unable to continue their study.

    The Central Primary School of Baiquesi Township, Lueyang County, located on the bank of Jialing River, faces the Baocheng Railway across the Jialing River. Presently, the school has 130 registered students, 6 classes and 18 faculty members. The school covers an area of 25mou and the construction area of schoolhouses is 1350 square meters, of which the teaching houses take 500 square meters and lodging houses take 40 square meters, which were cottages built in masonry-timber structure in 1978. In 1981, the houses were once submerged in the flood and after many times of repair and reinforcement, now they can be constrainedly used. After the major earthquake occurred on May 12, as the groundwork of houses has seriously sunk and the cracks on walls can be found everywhere, the houses may collapse at any time. As these houses are not worth to be repaired, the county educational department, architecture and design departments have listed them as dangerous houses in Grade D and forbidden to be used at once. There an insulation belt was made around the lodging houses to keep teachers and students away. 97 students and 18 teachers who had ever lived in these lodging houses before the earthquake since then lost the place to live and have to study and live under the tents temporarily built in the school yard. Therefore, construction of the lodging house, office building and toilets are imperative.

    Natural disasters have no mercy while people have love. For the future of the nation, Xi’an VAW Electronics Co., Ltd. together with several other companies proposed to build a love school for the disaster area. As an old saying goes that “Many hands make light work”, let us jointly make endeavor for the reconstruction of school in the disaster area.

    Let us offer our hands to pass the torch of love into the heart of children and create a cerulean sky for them.

    We are looking forward to your love show

Sponsored by:  Xi’an VAW Electronics Co., Ltd.

                Xi’an Ruijing Micro-electric Co., Ltd.

                Shanghai East China Construction Development Design Co., Ltd.

                Xi’an Lijin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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