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FH30H series isolation high-voltage power supply module is derived from FH series DC/DC module, with output power up to 30W and output voltage covering from 100V to 5000V. The output voltage of each module comes with two times of continuous adjustable amo
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Name:FH30H 30W Isolation Adjustable High Voltage Power Supply Module
Category:High precision DC high voltage power supply
Types:High voltage power supply
Output voltage:50~100V,100~200V,150~300V,200~400V,250~500V,300~600V,400~800V,500~1000V,625~1250V,750~1500V,1000~2000V,1250~2500V,1500~3000V,2000~4000V,2500~5000V
Input voltage:15V,28V,48V,50V,150V,200V
Operating temperatur:-20℃~+85℃,-55℃~+175℃
Mechanical dimension:L99.7×W25.4×H14.2mm
Output polarity:isolation
Product Manual: (Please use PDF tool for browsing)

Technical Parameters

(1) Operating temperature: M: ambient temp. -55℃ ~ +175 ℃, max. shell temperature: +185 ℃

                               I: ambient temp. -20℃ ~ +85 ℃, max. shell temperature: +105 ℃

(2) Input voltage: 10V-30V, 16V-48V, 24V-72V, 36-108V, 70-210V, 120-360V

(3) Output voltage: 50-100V, 100-200V, 150-300V, 200-400V, 250-500V, 300-600V, 400-800V, 500-1000V, 625-1250V, 750-1500V, 1000-2000V, 1250-2500V, 1500-3000V, 2000-4000V, 2500-5000V

(4) Output ripple: Less than 100mVp-p (typical 50mV)  

(5) Output power: 30W

(6) Temperature stability: Less than 40PPM/0 C

(7) Load adjustment rate: ±0.1%(50% load change)

(8) Linear adjustment rate: ±0.2%(10% linear change)

(9) Shock resistance: 25G, 0 ~ 300Hz

(10) Conversion efficiency: 75-85%  

(11) Static power consumption: 0.8W Max.

(12) Dimension: L99.7×W25.4×H14.2mm

(13) Isolation voltage between input, output and control: 5000V

(14) Storage temperature: -65℃~+150℃

(15) Output form of voltage: lead wire

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