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MP series HT/HV power supply modules incorporating the latest and the most advanced special type elements and devices are produced on our commercial article production line in accordance with commercial article production process and quality control sys
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Name:MP series
Category:Nuclear detection
Types:High voltage power supply
Output voltage:200~400V
Input voltage:5V,7V,9V,12V,±12V,15V
Operating temperatur:0℃~+50℃,-20℃~+85℃
Mechanical dimension:Ф16.3*72.0 the standard,Ф16.0*68,Ф16.0*88.0
Output polarity:positive,negative
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Main technical parameters 
(1)Working temperature scope: rating -40℃~+85℃ (excessive rating -55℃~+200℃) 
(2)Input voltage: +5V~ + 40V 
(3)Input current: 12mA@ 1600V with 22M load(24V IN)
(4)Output voltage: 0V~±2400V 
(5)Output current: 0.1~0.5mA 
(6) Temperature stability: Lower than ±40 PPM/0 C(-55℃~+175℃)
(7) Linear adjustment rate: ±0.2%(10% linear change) 
(8) Load adjustment rate: ±0.1(50% load change) 
50mA @2400V with 7M load(24V IN) 
(9)Output ripple: 200.0mVp-p,typical 75mVp-p 
(10)   Shock resistance: 10G,0~300Hz (with recommended filter 2mVp-p,typical 0.5mVp-p) 

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